Discover Microsoft’s modern ERP solution, an ideal fit for small to medium-sized businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an end-to-end business solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP), created to help organisations become less reliant on manual processes and enhance their financial operations using automation, streamlined reporting, resourcing and project management tools and more.

Built with small to medium-sized businesses in mind, Business Central can help SMEs overcome common challenges by housing business-critical functions under one roof and providing access to a single source of the truth.

Perfect for those who have recently outgrown a small-scale finance system, Business Central provides a ‘step up’ that can continue to grow alongside your organisation.


Financial management

  • Introduce more practical, time-efficient financial management processes and make your financial close easier than it’s ever been before. With instant access to key facts and figures, you can gain a real-time overview of your organisation’s performance whenever and wherever you need to, sharing information with your accounting team (whether internal or external) safely and securely.
  • • Get a better handle on your cashflow, bank reconciliations, fixed assets and budgeting with late payment predictions
  • • Reduce month- and year-end closing times with connected general ledger, sales ledger, payables, and fixed assets data
  • • Bring together reports, charts and Power BI data from multiple departments to get accurate insights and make data-driven financial decisions

Reporting and analytics

  • Boost your confidence in the decisions you’re making with centralised reporting and analytics, combining information from accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer service. Partner this unified data with predictive analytics and Business Central will fast become your go-to tool for supporting informed decision-making.
  • • Monitor business performance using integrated Power BI dashboard
  • • Stay on top of your KPIs with access to business information on the go
  • • Predict your cash flow using built-in Cortana Intelligence

Sales and marketing

  • Take quicker action on sales enquiries and reduce the time between providing a quote and securing an order with features to help streamline your sales and marketing. With campaign and contact management, email integration, mobile sales and more, you can strengthen the connection between your sales and marketing teams to enhance the bottom line.
  • • Keep a close eye on customer interactions and get smart suggestions on upselling, cross-selling and renewal opportunities
  • • Create flexible pricing and discount structures for individuals or groups of customers and track these easily
  • • Deliver experiences that keep customers informed and engaged at each touchpoint by aligning content, data and processes

Order processing

  • Set up automated workflows to make your sales order and purchasing processes easier to monitor and manage. With Business Central’s order processing functionality, you can introduce approval structures to help you make sure each and every payment you make is necessary and above-board.
  • • Create purchase orders and invoices to keep a record of the cost of purchase and track accounts payable
  • • Maintain control of business expenses and other outgoing costs with strict approval processes
  • • Automate tasks for vendors to record your discount, pricing and payment method agreements

Resource and project management

  • Simplify your resource and project management processes by using Business Central to perform day-to-day tasks and keep a watchful eye over projects as they progress. Project management functionality also gives you the capability to manage budgets and ensure they stay on track and in line with customer expectations.
  • • Use timesheets to track machine and employee project hours
  • • Combine timesheets with advanced job costing and reporting to manage projects effectively, tracking budget modifications to ensure a profit is made
  • • Gain real-time insight into project status, profitability and resource utilisation with easy-to-understand dashboards

Service management

  • Enhance your operational efficiency with Business Central’s service management functionality. From contracts and warranties to service level agreements (SLAs) and mobile service management, you’ll have the tools you need to ensure things are running smoothly for your customers.
  • • Assign team members to work orders to get an overview of service tasks and employee workloads
  • • Track and log service calls using integrated call-logging functionality
  • • Manage contracts, SLAs, service orders and prices, view component history, plan materials, schedule and dispatch items all from a single platform

Warehouse management

  • Streamline warehouse management with Business Central’s purpose-built features for automating tasks and simplifying processes. Manage your inventory with ease and gain access to the data needed to provide business performance and margins and profitability to management and other key stakeholders.
  • • Create ‘bins’ and ‘zones’ to replicate the layout of your warehouse, down to individual racks and shelves
  • • Optimise your space and the picking process to speed up shipment and enhance customer satisfaction
  • • Provide warehouse operatives with access to information via handheld devices, boosting productivity and reducing time to task completion


  • Business Central offers manufacturing management functionality to suit the scale of your organisation’s needs, giving you the ability to take control of planning, scheduling, inventory, distribution and financial management in a single, easy-to-access platform.
  • • Capture special requirements within a bill of materials and pull directly from the quote and sales order during assembly-to-order processes
  • • Register usage and output across multiple bills of materials and routes
  • • Make the most of features such as scrap management and sub-contractor manufacture

Key benefits

business central

Take control of your finances

Gain real-time visibility of your organisation’s financial performance and streamline your reporting to help inform business decisions. Take control of your budgets and cashflow, and share information with accountants safe in the knowledge that Microsoft work hard to keep your data safe and secure.


Benefit from systems that talk to each other

Business Central can integrate seamlessly with other software in the Microsoft suite, including Office 365, Dynamics 365 technologies and the Power Platform. Use this interconnectivity to your advantage by aligning processes and information across a whole host of business functions.


Make the move to a cloud-based solution

Leave clunky, on-premise systems behind and place your trust in a modern ERP solution built on the cloud. With Business Central Online, you’ll get regular software updates, eliminating worries about your finance system becoming outdated and saving money on an expensive upgrade later down the line.

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