Helping you keep tabs on your billable resources.

With Tisski’s Resources+ Business Central module comes the ability to record and maintain professional services for sale and purchase and keep track of time spent on particular projects and tasks – an essential function for any organisation employing team members with billable time.

Key features


Resource records

Create resource records and allocate the appropriate costs, prices and profit calculations, with the ability to amend these records wherever and whenever you need to.



Individual resources can log their billable time and which project/task they worked on, as well as making note of any absence.

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Timesheet approvals

Ensure direct line manager approval of timesheets, which in turn guarantees accuracy of invoices and confidence in cashflow reports.

Putting billing accuracy front and centre

Putting billing accuracy front and centre

Our Resources+ Microsoft Business Central module gives you the ability to add resource lines to any transaction, making the recording of resources a built-in part of the sales and purchase process and ensuring customers are paying the correct amount for the professional services they receive.

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Have you seen what else is on offer?

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