A clear view of your organisation’s deferral transactions.

Our Deferral Cockpit module provides finance team members with the functionality they need to quickly access and view any deferral transactions posted into Microsoft Business Central.

Key features



Set up deferral templates to ensure expenditure and revenue can be automatically deferred over the appropriate monthly periods, for example six or 12 months.


Visual representations

Digest information on deferrals quickly with visual representations, created using the standard deferral posting routine, and split by sales, purchases or general ledger entries.


Drillable graphics

Graphical depictions are fully drillable to the source document or general ledger entries, and provide quick navigation to the relevant account records.

Deferral automation for purchase invoices

Deferral automation for purchase invoices

Link deferral templates to items and resources, so when you create a purchase invoice, the value of that purchase can be automatically deferred, depending on the template linked to the item or resource you’ve chosen.

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