Specialised features to streamline banking processes.

Our Microsoft Business Central Banking+ module works in partnership with the Banking Accelerator we created in-house to help you overcome time-consuming configuration and format testing by offering the choice between multiple file and bank formats for GBP accounts.

Key features


File formatting

Create BACS files for outgoing payments ready to be uploaded to your bank smoothly and painlessly.


Bank statements

Upload bank statement files directly into Business Central to speed up the bank reconciliation process.

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Payment reconciliation journals

Use Business Central’s Payment Reconciliation Journals to streamline the receipt, payments and reconciliation process, carrying them out all in one place.

Compatible with major UK banks

Compatible with major UK banks

The Banking+ module currently supports a host of major UK banks: Barclays, HSBC, NatWest, RBS, Santander, Ulster and Lloyds TSB. If you’d like your implementation to support a bank that isn’t listed, we can work together to ensure the correct format is adopted.

Additional functionality with the Tisski Toolkit

Additional functionality with the Tisski Toolkit

Using our Tisski Toolkit – which comes free of charge to customers with a Business Central package – we can add further controls to vendor bank accounts, ensuring records are reviewed and approved prior to processing a BACS file for a supplier, limiting risk of error.

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