Pick and choose modules that are right for you.

When you partner with Tisski, you can build your own, customised Business Central package to make sure your platform fits around your organisation’s specific needs.

We currently offer nine different modules, each with its own specific features and functions. Of these nine options, the only compulsory purchase is the Core module, which provides the foundations of your Business Central platform.

You’re free to pick as many or as few of the other modules as you need to build a platform that works for you, adding modules as and when needed to ensure that platform continues to deliver as your organisation grows.

To find out more about the modules you can choose from – and the benefits each can deliver – please take a look at our individual module pages.

Why choose a Business Central package?

Why choose a Business Central package?

There are lots of reasons your organisation might be best suited to a Business Central package offering. Our dedicated page explains the benefits.

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